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Rachmaninov’s Vespers: All Night Vigil

In just over two weeks on Thursday 11th July, Lloyds Choir will perform this seminal work at the Church of St Katharine Cree, City of London. This is a profound piece of work and nobody who hears it in performance remains unmoved by it. Quiet, yet powerful. Soaring and plunging, coming in waves of delicate harmonies and then loud clashes, it’s evocative of a time when Russia sat between War in the Western Front, and Revolution at home. Teetering on an abyss of change, Rachmaninov can make you feel empowered, challenged or simply still and awed by his complexities in the piece.

We have worked hard to capture the “sound” of an Eastern liturgical choir in deep solemnity in a time of great change. We hope you feel transported by the Vespers to a different time and place, and a very different liturgy.

From Basso Profondo to soaring soprano, there will be something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there.

Tickets are available here, on the door or in advance from choir members. £10 student tickets are available on the door or from choir members.

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